Welcome to MUNNYSA

Welcome dear reader to Model United Nations of Nyborg Student Association (MUNNYSA)’s webpage. We are a student association mainly working for creating a fun extracurricular activity to current students belonging to Nyborg Gymnasium. The student association is special because we emphasise on the social aspects of what Model United Nations can do for you. MUNNYSA have fun Debate Clubs every second month, and furthermore have an Educational Session on adjacent months. We also have other social events such as Holiday dinners and Field Trips to different educational institutions. Conferences are an essential part of MUNNYSA, we send out different delegations to different conferences around the world. This is one of the parts where our delegates can learn the most about themselves, but also equally as much about others. We aspire to make you more knowledgeable and understanding of other people and cultures, as well as understanding current international issues around the world, which the real United Nation also deals with. It is so to create insight in the complexities of diplomacy, and to challenge an otherwise homogenous way of thought. We look for members who wants to develop skills, such as public speaking, and learn how to feel comfortable with meeting new people, but most of all wants to have fun in the learning process of looking outwards on a globalized world. Does this sound like you, or perhaps you want to learn? The precedency of MUNNYSA welcomes you to join. Sincerely yours, Emilie Flink, MUNNYSA President Whether you are a current student, or perhaps a future student of Nyborg Gymnasium, and want to know more about MUNNYSA, please do not hesitate to contact us! For more information, please look at our Interactive Narrated Power Point below, about everything from MUNNY and MUNNYSA!