Welcome to Our Student Association: MUNNY

Welcome to Our Student Association: MUNNY

We are a student association working towards creating fun extracurricular activities for current students of Nyborg Gymnasium. In our student association, we focus on the social aspect of Model United Nations through sharing our love for debating, very often over food.

MUNNY and our Tutor Group organizes events such as but not limited to debate clubs every second week, dinners and barbeques and preparatory meetings for all students attending conferences.

Conferences are an essential part of MUNNY, where we send out different delegations to different conferences around the world. Our delegates can thus learn – not only about politics and the work of the United Nations, but also about themselves and others. Lively and challenging debates, social events and plenty of new friendships and acquaintances are only a part of what awaits you at any MUN conference.

We welcome all students across different educations in Nyborg Gymnasium to join MUNNY and develop their public speaking, social and political skills. No prior knowledge of politics is required – only enthusiasm and an open mind!

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!

-The MUNNY Board and Tutor Group