Issues on the Agenda

Issues on the Agenda

Thank you for your patience, we are glad to present to you the 6 councils and their respective issues for MUNNY 2024.

If you would like an in-depth explainer of each council, you can find it here. UNEA functions the same as ECOSOC and the HRC.

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

1. Discussing a framework for the future of economic trade throughout the South China Sea.

ECOSOC RR Issue 1 2024

2. Developing methods for the transition to a global economy without fossil fuels.

ECOSOC RR Issue 2 2024

3. Recognizing the need to promote circular economy practices as a sustainable approach to reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and foster economic growth.

ECOSOC RR Issue 3 2024

Human Rights Council (HRC)

1. Addressing systemic work environment issues in raw material and intermediate goods production. 

HRC RR Issue 1 2024

2. Recognizing the human rights implications of climate-induced insecurity, seeking strategies to protect fundamental human rights and promote resilience.

HRC RR Issue 2 2024

3. Addressing the expropriation of land from indigenous groups in South America.

HRC RR Issue 3 2024

United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA)

1. Developing strategies for the implementation of the Kunming Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

UNEA RR Issue 1 2024

2. Addressing the conflict potential of climate change adaptation and mitigation (backdraft) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to cobalt mining.

UNEA RR Issue 2 2024

3. Working to address the consistent export of waste and pollution to Less Economically Developed States.

UNEA RR Issue 3 2024

Security Council (SC)

1. Addressing conflicts stemming from forced migration and refugee crises.

SC RR Issue 1 2024

2. Mitigating humanitarian crises and conflict caused by the gradual loss of the Lake Chad Basin.

SC RR Issue 2 2024

Historical Security Council (HSC)

Students in the HSC are required to only use knowledge which would have been known to their country before the date of debate. The Student Officers reserve the right to question the validity of the source material in regards to the date.

1. 20 May 1986 – Chernobyl – Responding to the ecological and political security implications of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown. 

HSC RR Issue 1 2024

2. 20 May 1986 – Iran/Iraq War – Addressing the use of chemical weapons throughout the Iran-Iraq conflict.

HSC RR Issue 2 2024

International court of justice (ICJ)

1. The Gambia v. Myanmar – Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

ICJ RR Issue 1 2024

2. Armenia v. Azerbaijan – Application of the International convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.

ICJ RR Issue 2 2024

As presented by:

Secretary General of MUNNY 2024
Erik David la Cour Dabelko