Issues on the Agenda 2022

Issues on the Agenda

Below you may find the final issues on the agenda! Good luck, delegates!

Issues in the Other Councils



Security Council
  1. Enacting measures to prevent terrorist organisations from acquiring nuclear materials
  2. Finding measures to protect the Kurdish populations in the Middle East
Human Rights Council
  1. Protecting people's rights to peaceful assembly and protest
  2. Considering the legitimacy of conscientious objection to military service as a human right
  3. Bettering the working conditions for large multinational cooperation with focus on the online retail industry
  4. Protecting the rights to access to digital media, with special focus on Asia
Economic and Social Council
  1. Combatting the opiod crisis in North America
  2. Limiting the power held by industrial military complexes in democratic politics
  3. Combatting political corruption in volatile democracies, with special focus on Latin America
  4. Finding measures to deal with racial and religious tensions in Southern Europe
International Court of Justice
  1. USA vs. Iran (Assassination of Qassem Soleimani)
  2. Egypt vs. Ethiopia (River Nile Dam)

General Assembly Issues


1st Committee - disarmament and international security
  1. Limiting the international trade of arms in conflict prone areas, with special focus on Yemen
  2. Eradicating online coordination and forums for white supremacy
  3. Establishing cooperation on combatting violent gangs in South America
2nd Committee - economic
  1. Protecting the economic sovereignty of LEDC's from debt acquired through bilateral loans in East Africa
  2. Preserving the local fishing industries in smaller island developing states
  3. Restructuring the International Monetary Fund
3rd Committee - human, humanitarian, social matters
  1. Finding measures to deal with the stateship of former ISIS-members
  2. Ensuring the protection of the culture of indigenous groups in Oceania
  3. Taking measures to deal with the issue of ageing populations with special focus on Europe
4th Committee - Specpol
  1. Evaluating the consequences of the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  2. Evaluating the merits of UNSMIL
  3. Furthering the international recognition of legitimacy of UN peacekeeping operations

As presented by: 
Secretaries General of MUNNY 2020 
Cecilie Bakke Laursen and Advit Soni