Preliminary Issues on the Agenda 2020

Issues on the Agenda

We would like to remind you that the issues listed below are not finalized and that changes or additions may occur.

Issues in the Other Councils



Security Council

Coming soon!

Human Rights Council
  1. Protecting the rights of Uighur Muslims in China
  2. Protecting the right of LGBTQ+, with special regards to the Middle East
  3. Protecting people's rights to peaceful protest
Economic and Social Council
  1. Finding measures to ensure the access of humanitatian aid to conflict zones
  2. Combating the opiod crisis in North America
  3. Finding solutions to the increasing numbers of climate refugees
International Court of Justice

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General Assembly Issues


1st Committee
  1. Restricting of the supply of arms to violent groups
  2. Limiting the involvement of foreign militaries in armed conflicts
  3. Eradicating onine coordination and forums for white supremacy
2nd Committee
  1. Protecting the sovereignty of LEDC's from damaging debt acquired through bilateral loans
  2. Finding measures to stabilise crude oil prices as a commodity
  3. Restructuring the International Monetary Fund
3rd Committee
  1. Persecution of Muslims
  2. Finding measures to deal with the stateship of former ISIS-members
  3. Ensuring the protection of the culture of indigenous people
  4. Taking measures to deal with the issue of ageing population in developed countries
4th Committee
  1. US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  2. Ensuring and sustaining peace between Israel and Palestine
  3. Ensuring the protection and integration of reurning Syrian migrants

As presented by: 
Secretaries General of MUNNY 2020 
Cecilie Bakke Laursen and Advit Soni