Preliminary Issues on the Agenda 2020

Issues on the Agenda

We would like to remind you that the issues listed below are not finalized and that changes or additions may occur.

Issues in the Other Councils



Security Council
  1. Chinese militarization of the South China Sea
  2. TBD
Human Rights Council
  1. Protecting the rights of gays in Brunei
  2. Ending forced marriage in Eastern Europe
  3. Improving conditions for the Uighur Muslims in China
Economic and Social Council
  1. Combating female genital mutilations in Northern Africa
  2. Taking measures to deal with the issue of ageing populations in developed countries
  3. Combating the opioid epidemic in the United States of America
International Court of Justice



General Assembly Issues


1st Committee
  1. Reduction of arms sales to actors of the Yemen Civil War
  2. TBD
2nd Committee
  1. Dealing with the economic crisis in agricultural sectors in India caused by the demonetisation of black money
  2. Discussing the economic effects the Belt and Road Initiative
3rd Committee
  1. Taking measures to uphold the rights of indigenous peoples in Canada
  2. Improving the living standard of refugees displaced by the Rohingya Crisis
  3. Improving the conditions for refugees in Australia
4th Committee
  1. US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  2. Effects of the radical group ISIL on Syrian and Iraqi terrorism.