Preliminary Issues on the Agenda 2019

Issues on the Agenda

1st Committee of the General Assembly Plenary (Disarmament and international security)
– Discussing measures to redefine the regulations of the Iran nuclear deal
– Forming a consensus on the  pacification of the conflict in Yemen
– Collaboration on the demilitarisation of Hezbollah

2nd Committee of the General Assembly Plenary (Economic and Financial)
– Creating a joint agreement on the extent to which international trade can be regulated
– Discussing the development of sustainable economic growth methods with regard to affordable and clean energy
– Forming a consensus on the regulation of digital money-laundering

3rd Committee of the General Assembly Plenary (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)
– Dealing with the issue of Returning to Mosul after ISIS occupation
– Dealing with radical right wing populism regarding the immigration crisis
– Dealing with the elimination of intolerance regarding religion

4th Committee of the General Assembly Plenary (Special Political and decolonization)
– Creating a long term solution to the immigration crisis of the mediterranean
– Discussing the execution of a joint space exploration mission and the development of a cooperative lunar base
– Reducing the economic and social inequality between the people of Africa

6th Committee of the General Assembly Plenary (Legal)
– The issue of regulating the trade of human organs, tissue and specialised cells
– Implementation of temporary protected status to prevent deportation
– Finding a joint agreement of the issue of personal data harvesting on the internet

The International Court of Justice
– Bangladesh vs. Myanmar on the Rohingya crisis
– England vs. Albania on the Corfu Channel Case

The Security Council
– Discussing measures to regulate international trade of narcotics in the southeast Asia with regard to the Philippines
– Creating a joint agreement on the militarization and resource exploitation of the Arctic region

The Human Rights Council
– Dealing with the issue of sexual and reproductive rights with focus on prostitution
– Discussing measures to create a joint agreement on the execution of euthanasia
– Dealing with the issue of forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking
– Dealing with the international right to sanitation and water purity through the curtailment of industrial contamination

The Economic and Social Council
– Creating a join agreement on the regulation of child marriage and children’s rights
– Ensuring inclusive education of women and girls
– Combating piracy in Southeast Asia
– Discussing measures to deal with the socioeconomic and political crisis in Venezuela