Final Issues on the Agenda – Chairs

Final Issues on the Agenda

Dear House. We hereby proudly announce the Final Issues on the Agenda for MUNNY 2019, complete with Student Officers. Please contact the Secretaries General regarding any questions.


1st Committee (Disarmament and International Security)

Discussing measures to denuclearize the Islamic Republic of Iran

Forming a consensus on the pacification of the conflict in Yemen

Collaboration on the demillitarization of Hezbollah


2nd Committee (Economic and Financial)

Creating a joint agreement on the degree to which international free trade can be infringed upon

Discussing means to economically incentivize the development of sustainable economic growth methods with regard to affordable and clean energy

Forming a consensus on the regulation of digital money-laundering 

3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

Dealing with the issue of re-establishment of civilian life in Mosul after ISIS occupation

Dealing with radical right wing populism regarding immigration and xenophobia

Dealing with the elimination of intolerance regarding islam in developed nations 

4th Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)

Creating a long term solution to the immigration crisis of the Mediterranean

Discussing the execution of a joint space exploration mission and the development of a cooperative lunar base

Reducing the economic and social inequality between the people of Africa due to foreign investment 

6th Committee (Legal)

The issue of regulating the trade of human organs, tissue and specialized cells

Establishing a joint agreement on the regulation of biomedical engineering with focus on the process of producing genetically identical organisms

Finding a joint agreement of the issue of personal data harvesting on the internet 

Human Rights' Council (HRC)

Dealing with the issue of sexual and reproductive rights with focus on prostitution

Discussing measures to create a joint agreement on the execution of euthanasia

Dealing with the issue of human trafficking in Central and South-East Europe

Dealing with the international right to sanitation and water purity through the curtailment of industrial contamination

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Creating a joint agreement on the regulation of child marriage

Ensuring inclusive education of women and girls

Combating piracy in the Southeast Asia

Discussing measures to deal with the socioeconomic and political crisis in Venezuela

Security Council

Discussing measures to cease the trade of narcotics and narcotic related violence in the southeast Asia with regard to the Philippines

Creating a joint agreement on the militarization, resource exploitation and commercial viability of the Arctic region

International Court of Justice

Bangladesh vs. Myanmar on the Rohingya crisis

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland vs. Albania on the Corfu Channel Case (22nd May 1947)